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Serve Burke

Our church has been grateful to share space with Burke High School, part of the Charleston County School District. Through this opportunity, we have developed many relationships with the people of Burke High School and the neighboring community in Charleston, and through those relationships, we want to provide ways for our people to serve others.

How to Serve

  1. Review serving opportunities, and consider how your gifts, experiences and interests can be used in serving the school.
  2. Register with the school district as a volunteer here.
  3. Express your interest to serve Burke by contacting us.

Service Areas


Centerpoint Contact:
Burke High School Contact: Ms. Garris, Guidance Counselor

  • Tutoring
    Assist students in a one-on-one or group setting by providing them with the extra support they need to be academically successful. Specific needs are in English-Language Arts and Math (7:15-7:45am, or 3:30-4:30pm).

  • Mentoring
    Serve as positive, caring role models by developing meaningful relationships in order with students in need through Communities in Schools. This can include tutoring, eating lunch, or simply listening to what students have to say. Female mentors particularly needed.

  • School Clubs
    Do you have an interest in particular extracurricular activities or clubs? Contact us for information on existing clubs and programs offered by the school.


Centerpoint Contact: Caleb Melton, Generation LINK Resident
Burke High School Contact: Charles White

  • Coffee for Teachers 
    Participate in a Wednesday morning rotation to develop relationships with faculty and staff through delivering coffee.

  • School Uniforms
    Help meet the clothing needs some students might have by donating khaki uniform pants, belts, and socks. Contact Caleb for information on needed sizes.
  • Morning Greeter
    Begin students’ days by welcoming them to campus with a smile and a “good morning”. Students begin to arrive at 7 am, busses at 7:45 am, and the bell sounds at 8:15 am.


Centerpoint Contact:
Burke High School Contact: Coach Alston, Athletic Director

  • Home Games
    Attend games at Burke High School and/or serve in the concessions stand (2-3 volunteers needed), or as gate entrance monitors (4-6 volunteers needed). All home athletic events can be found on our calendar.

  • Assistant Coaching
    Help coaching staff lead student-athletes in practices, games and tournaments. Spring teams in need of assistance are softball.